Decorating for Autumn

Shorter days, lower temperatures, and colorful leaves are just a few of the many implications that fall is upon us. Seasonal changes provide you with an opportunity to change the décor of your home, both inside and out. Fall is filled with warm scents and beautiful colors, and here at Flooring America, we want to bring those seasonal sensations to your home.

Let’s begin with the entry way, shall we? A decorated entry way is the perfect start to giving your home the fall feel you are looking for. Pumpkins, corn stalks, raffia, or straw all make for festive, and cost effective-additions to your entry way. Want to go above and beyond? Wrap autumn inspired garland around your mailbox or porch columns, and visitors will feel warmly welcomed even before stepping inside.  

Now that we have the entry way taken care of, let’s move inside. Where better to start your interior decorating than the dinner table? Choose a festive centerpiece such as a cornucopia, pumpkins, or a colorful assortment of leaves that will be sure to catch the eye of your guests. These same decorations can also be used throughout the rest of the house in eye-catching places such as the mantel over your fireplace.  

Preparing the interior of your house for fall isn’t all about the visuals. One of the best aspects of the fall season is the delicious smells. Fill your home with aromas like pumpkin pie, cinnamon apple cider, and burning wood from your fireplace. Consider also using candles, incense, or a boiled pot of spices to leave your house smelling autumn amazing. 


September is upon us, and with it, new beginnings. September marks the start of a new school year and new fall season. That’s right, it is time to put your bathing suit and boogie board back into storage and grab your scarf and rake. Although September does mean a decrease in temperature and increase in studying, it also opens up the opportunity to spend more time inside. Why, you may ask, would one want to spend his or her time inside? I will tell you why, because September marks the beginning of a brand new NFL Season.

If you are not a fan of sitting outside in the cold, paying an inflated amount for snack and beverages, or waiting in bumper to bumper traffic for hours, then kick back on your couch and enjoy the show. The NFL season is unlike any other, because each game is a special occasion. Unlike the MLB or NBA, both leagues which air a game every day, the NFL only plays on Thursdays, Sundays, and Mondays. What better way to bond with your family on Sunday than eating wings and watching your favorite quarterback juice up your fantasy football score?


At Flooring America, we welcome September and all its new beginnings. New beginnings can be both exciting and nerve-racking. When it comes to flooring, we want you to be excited about new opportunities. Moving into a new home? Our staff of professionals at Flooring America is fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise necessary to help you design your dream home. Thinking of making changes to your home? Flooring America offers the widest selection of hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile, and carpet to meet your flooring needs. 


New is good, and with Flooring America, new is easy. 

Beautiful Beach House

Have you ever wanted to enjoy the calming serenity of a house at the beach, without all the sand or the hassle of traveling there? Well look no further, because we at Flooring America are here to help you create a beautiful beach house right in the comfort of your very own home.

Various shades of blue such as turquoise, navy, and sky are among popular choices when designing your nautical nest. Pairing blues with neutral colors such as white or gray can make a seaside statement in any household. It doesn’t take much, a small feature such as a navy and white striped rug (seen in the picture below) is enough to please any ocean enthusiast. 


Now that we have covered the colors, let’s make a splash with the scenery. Sea shells are a seasonal favorite, and make a perfect addition to tables or countertops. Crafty anchors (unless for some reason you have a real one) can be hung onto walls or propped in various places throughout the house. Consider also bringing the coast closer to home with pictures of the ocean, or anything that signifies the seven seas.



            Have a house at the beach or plan to purchase one? Check out Flooring America for all of your flooring needs. With over 17,000+ flooring options backed by our industry leading warranties, you can be sure that together, we will pursue the perfect floor for your summer getaway. 


The Beautiful Game

            Summer 2014 bears good tidings of great joy. Let’s begin with the most obvious, it is summer time!  Summer means warm weather, vacations, trips to the beach, barbeques, and so much more. In the midst of all these seasonal pleasures we enjoy each and every year, this summer brought with it something special that only comes around once every four years. To anyone reading this who has tuned into ESPN over the past month, you know the event of which I speak. To everyone else, I am talking about the World Cup.

            When you take the time and actually think about it, the FIFA World Cup is an inspirational event. Players celebrate the opportunity to represent their respected country and potentially hoist the immaculate trophy. Fans, present at games and across the world, celebrate their heritage and their country’s earned spot in the tournament. The World Cup is one big celebration, and it is a beautiful one.

Here at Flooring America, we are fans of beauty, and like the Word Cup, we support diversity. That is why at Flooring America, you will find products of all different shapes, sizes, materials and colors. Flooring America offers a large selection of carpet, hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, and vinyl flooring.

Our carpet products create a feeling of luxury and comfort in a room. Whether you want elegant formality or a casual space for your family to relax, there is a carpet that is just right for your home and lifestyle.

Hardwood lends character and charm to any room in your home, and best of all – it never goes out of style. Choose from our rich variety, including exotic as well as homegrown favorites for elegant or casual settings.

Laminate is one of the hottest trends in flooring today! Offering a wide variety of color and tone, it creates a great backdrop to your decorating scheme. Laminate flooring offers especially low maintenance and high durability. It’s perfect for families with children, pets, or busy lifestyles.

Ceramic tile is fashionable and practical with its natural look, beautiful designs, and durability. Ceramic tile is available in an infinite number of colors, sizes, shapes, and finishes, so there is no limit to the beautiful, personalized designs you can create.

Last but not least, vinyl. Ease of cleaning and durability make vinyl a top choice for wet and high-traffic areas including kitchens, bathrooms, recreation areas and other well-used rooms. In addition, vinyl is soft and warm underfoot. If you’re considering vinyl for your home, you’ll be happy to know there are now more choices of patterns and colors than ever before. Game on! 

Flooring and Fireworks

            Ah, June. The sun is shining, the birds chirping, and the kids are home from school. Yes, finally June, a month which, for many people, marks the beginning of a long and relaxing summer. T-shirts transition to tank-tops, pants are replaced by shorts, and sneakers are kicked off for the comfort of open-toe sandals. I could go on and on about all the wonderful aspects that come with the month of June, but perhaps one aspect trumps all. June, when July is right around the corner! 

            July is a special month, because we are fortunate enough to celebrate our beautiful country’s hard fought independence. We at Flooring America celebrate those who fight for our freedom every day by teaming up with Pets for Patriots. Dedicated to bringing pets and service men together in a lifelong bond of mutual friendship, Pets for Patriots thrives on supporting current military as well as veterans. If you know any member of the military community who is looking to adopt an adult dog or pet, visit for more information.

            Is there truly a better day in the calendar year than the 4th of July? Sure, you may be thinking Christmas or even Thanksgiving, and I agree that days such as these are very special for a plethora of reasons. However, holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving are accompanied by one fault; they come at the end of the month! Think about it. You are forced to wait essentially a full month in anticipation of opening Christmas Presents or scarfing down a giant Thanksgiving Turkey. I have good news for you people, you only have to wait four days to watch the sky be filled with fireworks in July!

             Less than a week into the month of July the celebration begins, and celebrate you will. Similar to most holidays, the 4th of July is a time to gather with friends and family so that we may celebrate what makes our country so special. Here at Flooring America, we know that celebrations, as much as we enjoy them, are always messy. If you have the privilege of hosting your Independence Day gathering, follow the link provided for tips that will help keep your floor in star-spangled condition! 

            If you are planning on replacing your floor in the near future, “Let Freedom Ring!” and check out our 17000+ flooring options. On behalf of the entire Flooring America Team, we wish you a happy and safe Independence Day. 

Bringing Ombré Into Your Home

Finding its way into home décor is ombre, the design style often referred to as “shading.” Ombre refers to a centuries old technique of dyeing or weaving fabrics, which creates a gentle progression from light to dark, and can have a dramatic or soothing effect on your interiors.

Ombré, which is highly popular in both fashion and beauty, has a pleasing effect on the eye, and gives your space a fresh, modern look. The great feature of bringing ombré into your home is that it can be used in almost any manner. For those wanting to go bold, bringing ombré to your walls truly gives your room personality and tells a story. If you prefer to use the design with the use of accessories, consider drapes, pillows and artwork.

Since ombré consists of various hues of a color, most often including white, many flooring options work great with the style. If you are looking to bring ombré to your walls, consider the colors that will be used in your design, and then come visit us at Imperial Flooring America to decide on which type and color of flooring will work best with your interior.